Trefor Kids College is a long established preschool / Daycare in Roodepoort, Gauteng, catering for children from 3 months old to Grade R (6 years)

Trefor Kids College, previously known as Horison View Nursery School, was built by in the early eighties and officially opened its doors in 1984, and has had 3 owners over the past 33 years. In 1986, the school was renamed Horizon Nursery School until 2016.

In 1988 the School was expanded by building a baby section with a bottle kitchen and a baby changing room with potty training facilities.They again expanded the school in 1994 by buiding two more class rooms. The school has undergone many improvements over the years and was recently renamed to Trefor Kids College. Operations are continously upgraded to keep in line with the current trends in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Long standing staff members, Florina Khumalo, Maria Lefifi, Bertha Mothopeng that joined our team in the 1980’sand 90’s is still with us today.The one thing that stands out to visitors to the school is how clean and hygienic the school is. The School received a Certificate of Compliance from the Health Department in September 2014 with a sincere congratulations from the Health Inspector, Mr. Samuel Pale explained that such a certificate was not easy to earn. The school cannot only boast its cleanliness but has also delivered an extremely high standard of Care and Education over the years.